Tag: Battlerager


  • Spear

    A member of the city of outcasts Battleragers. He is an Heavy-Weapons Warforged who is armed to his teeth with hidden weaponry. His name is devised from a 6' spear that extends from the top of his head (already 8' tall).

  • Kresh

    Dragonborn fighter. One of the highest ranking military officials in the city. He is also a member of the Battleragers. He is married to fellow warrior Darr. Even though he has ruby red skin, his breathe weapon is derived from the White Wyrm, which …

  • Darr

    Darr is a stoic member of the military in the city. She is of high rank, along with her husband Kresh. Both are members of the Battleragers. Her scales are a dark green, which matches her acidic breathe.