Red Goblins and Meteors
Flashback Episode from the Abyss

Flashback Game
September 18, 1243

Legion of the First
“Daniver” Woodsworth

Episode explaining how Daniver got his Shock Lizard, Legion got his crystal.

Tonight’s adventure included a brief appearance from Dromin and a new NPC, a wizard in town. Also further character development with everyone’s favorite giant Lenny.

Orcus, Goblins and Yeth Hounds

Tonight’s adventure featured, Meran, Wilgrum, a gate to the Shadowfell, a scrying mirror, a spy for Schmoo and 2 ambushes, one by the party and one at the party.

Detailed information will follow.

Legion of the First
Eric McJerrik
“Daniver” Wolfwood

Oh the town is destroyed, again

Wake-up, wake Eric, go outside, greet bard, grab Warrior, greet Ranger, greet Giant, get Ale, watch town get destroyed, repeat.

The Spider Lair, Pt. 1

Strange group of adventurers walk into town, bar fight, C. M. Coolidge painting, “Treasure map”, decent into Spider Lair, tentacle slime, dead Orc, tentacle x 2, Octopus monster, and Kruthiks.

The Spider Lair, Pt. 2
Journey out of the Spider's Lair

Encounters with a Drider…Statue (with Wizard Riding, and Bad GM Rolling), 6 Duergar, Natural Gas, and Thrasher the new Kobold Boss. Party gains 6 Kobold allies, 2 Guardian Drakes, and a Goblin Hexer as well as a small raider’s base.

The Spider Lair, Pt. 3

Return to the Spider Lair with the small Kobold Army. 3 Magma Beasts, a bunch of Kruthiks (with some great PC tactics), a Slime, and an angry Duergar who was “interrupted”.

Mithril and Child Slaying
I am not kidding.

Wind’s revenge, Red Goblin’s revenge, Schmoo’s revenge, and someone backstabbing a 4 year old for a puppy.

Schmoo vs. Party

Round 1:
Party vs. Guards
Victor, Party, guards did light signal fire though.

Round 2:
Party vs. Dragon:
Victor, Party, set Dragon free.

Round 3:
Party vs. Summons:
Victor, Party, stopped summoning.

Round 4:
Party vs. Schmoo:
Draw. Most of Schmoo’s force was eliminated, but the party was devastated.

I got a Fort

Party Sets up Defense of a Fort and rebuilds it.

Towers and Moats

Eric wants a Moat and Yotsuba wants a Tower. They find a drake who is adopted by a Kobold. Yotsuba must decide on Dwarven Construction or Kobold Construction.

Revelation begins on Eric’s past lives.


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