A spell from Soniver gone terribly wrong, "luckily" summoned this orc whom Eric slowly charmed into becoming a stalwart defender in the group.


An Orc with a certain love for the heavy flail and a great enjoyment of calling all enemies to him while being healed by the very cleric that ripped him from the feywild plane he was native too. Though he doesn’t always see eye to eye with the cleric being quite a deal taller he knows enough that no matter how much Eric bumbles around he is guided by a higher being that seems to look out for his well being, during the times that supreme being isn’t playing with him like a cat with a live meal. He must get a stronger concept of this common tongue for he doubts his reasonably intellectual comments are getting through the language barrier at times.

Recently has become a Thrall of an evil Illithid who ran the Thieves’ Guild in Cassius.


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