Red Goblins and Meteors

Flashback Episode from the Abyss

Flashback Game
September 18, 1243

Legion of the First
“Daniver” Woodsworth

Episode explaining how Daniver got his Shock Lizard, Legion got his crystal.

Tonight’s adventure included a brief appearance from Dromin and a new NPC, a wizard in town. Also further character development with everyone’s favorite giant Lenny.


Being in a barn filled with knives, scythes, and bad farming equipment is a horrible place to be when you’re being hunted by a Yeth Hound. Luckily, I managed to find a Silver Short Sword (+1) and got to slay the li’l bastard. If only I’d had some way to make it bend to my will…

Red Goblins and Meteors

It is a Masterwork Item, not a +1 Item.

Red Goblins and Meteors

Now, it’s a +1.

Red Goblins and Meteors

Pact blade ftw!

Red Goblins and Meteors

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