It started with a dream, and brought us to a nightmare

Past lives, dreamscape, travel

The dreams started like all my other dreams, I was living out a representation of my god…then I felt something cutting into me, I screamed, it was a language I didn’t understand, I looked down to see a halfling wizard playfully cutting out what I thought to be my organs, I screamed louder. I tried to get out, I was trapped, I tried to wake up I couldn’t, I watched it happen again and again as they would heal me up and then cut into me again, and as my mind slowly started to break, I woke up.

I was scared, I was confused I ran to D4PO hoping I could recollect most of what I heard in the dream that I was screaming hoping it would be a hint to why I had such a nightmare, I found him and he was significantly lighter and seemingly happy, but missing his right arm. I told him what I remembered and he translated it into screams for release, screams for my god, and screams for someone maternal. I trudged away realizing how weak I was in my dream and went in search of my friend who was more knowledgeable in, freaky deaky stuff as I would label the night. In my adrenaline fed morning I kicked down the door to the house and saw Legion of The First with the same upset look on his face I always see him with, I wonder to myself why he gets so angry all the time, but a question for another day I say as I swig my morning ale and explain to him about the dream and I try to change it up, saying my screams were something more sophisticated more brave but I had forgotten Legions’ skill with the lesser known languages and he saw through my bluff. He quickly explained to me after consulting with Sarlos that I was an elemental in my dream and it was obviously a wizards school I was stuck inside and there was a good chance I was being harvested for the rare minerals that would be trapped within my body. We decided to take a farther look into the dream world and sent a pigeon out to Tariel for some help, as we meandered about town we found Yotsuba with a heavy bounty of fruits and veggies, I wish to question him on it but knowing his…unique taste and habits, I happily accept a fruit and explain to him the situation and ask him to join us on a noble quest through the dreamscape. His reluctance to go is apparent but as he looks about town and realizes the only other good thing to do would be to watch dwarves build or kobolds dig, he quickly jumped aboard. I was wondering how long it would take for Tariel to arrive but a sharp burning sensation in my back as I was pushed to the ground and my face being almost licked off by a reptilian tongue told me Ariel was saying hello, and the Tariel couldn’t be far behind. With his arrival preparations were made and we all partook of Tariels’ special brand of magic and smoke and fell into a trance that would bring us to, hopefully, a higher level of understanding…to be continued. i have work



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