Into the Feywild

The party wakes up in the fort during a heat wave. Each of them starts their daily tasks. Ferris runs off in the morning and finds a series of tracks just outside the fort. The group get together and follow them to a tremendous Gnoll warrior in the woods south of the Fort. The fight doesn’t last long as the party quickly dispatches the beast, but the encounter was a ruse. They find themselves transported into the Feywild.

Daniver gets a Chicken, can’t remember why that happened, Yotsuba makes it bigger and Thrasher rides it. Horror of the feywild and other things. Can’t seem to put them in a coherent order, so I’ll rewrite this later.

- Killed Large Gnoll
- Blood Berries
- Demolished Orc Village Allies of Erich’s Clan
- Airship destroyed Village
- Hardcore Gnome
- Gnome “Away” Team fights party, party flees
- Run for a couple of hours (Wizard is the fastest)
- Camp for a night in Wolf controlled area with no problems
- Legion looks at the stars and the stars look back
- Rabbit Hat
- Snow
- Encounter a Nymph but don’t attack it
- Travel through forest takes toll
- Encounter Eladrin in forest
- Blindfolded and led to Eladrin City
- Eladrin tell about the sunken city of Gnomregon
- Eladrin tell about Schmoo
- Legion wants to kill Gnomes and steal airship to destroy Schmoo, voted down.
- Party are gated out of the Feywild and given a Pidgeon for communication
- Party end up on the island where Eric fought the Dreadlord 250 years ago
- They find a Dingy to row back to the fort
- Warwing Drake finds them and helps them ashore (with another ritual)
- 3 Weeks Past confirming for Yotsuba that the Feywild is evil



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