Dreams and Immortals

Eric gets SPAM and Wolfwood heads to the north to where the squirrel instructed. They encounter a group of Gnolls and 2 Young Orcs. Further north they are greeted by the Velociraptor (Ariel) and end up introduced with Tarreal, the Immortal.

Tarreal takes Eric and Wolfwood on a spirit journey through their Dreamscapes and the following happens…

Eric’s Past Life

First Eric and Wolfwood return to Eric’s past life. Eric journeys through the same memories he recalled when first meeting the Deva. He journeys to the location of the Dread Lord and a battle ensues where he perishes. Daniver takes the part of a Dragonborn commander. He flies his wing against the Dread Lord as a distraction as Eric’s party go to “cut out the heart of the army”. Eric falls in the battle and Daniver witnesses’ the brief aftermath discovers the final resting place of Eric McJerrick and more importantly his enchanted Mug.

Daniver’s Dream

Next they shift perspective. Its a cold night in the dark city…Its raining here, the sky is as black as the stain on my soul, the only comfort is the bottle of Whiskey at my side. It turn and watch as she approaches, an Orc to the south. She is part Amazon, part She-Hulk a battle hardened lady who has just entered my life.

She walks up to my as I am on my post, “Wolfwood” she calls. She pulls out a cigarette and asks for a light. I gently blow flame from my lips and light it.

I turn, “Who’s asking?”.

“I have a job for you down south, there is an Orc clan I need you to deal with.”

With that I go off and learn of this clan, I grab my gear and put on the Rain Coat and head off into the night. I find Eric in the gutter. That cold ale has claimed another honorable man and changed him into a beggar. I pull him up because he my be useful this evening. We confront the Orcish settlement. The lines are divided evenly, one on the left and one on the right. The right was the broad that hired me, so I turned left, but was stopped by 4 Gnolls. They stand there in the rain in their Armonie suits blocking my entrance. One of them steps up to me, but I quickly drop them, thats when I heard the click of the Tommy Gun aimed at me, Lady Luck had saved me this night.


Eric, Erich, and Daniver stand in the middle of a Gladiator arena with thousands of screaming fans. They are armed with only a Spear as 4 hungry Lions leap out to attack them. They manage to skewer 2 before the Emperor, a battle hardened Orc puts his thumb down. Daniver insults the Emperor and hundreds of Legionnaires descend and quickly silen the group.

Descending Armies

Eric and Daniver stand in the center of a barren battlefield as 2 armies drive against each other. On the North is the Dragonborn Empires standing armie, and to the South is the Dread Lords undead horde. They meet in the center at Drollin’s Fort. Daniver sprouts wings as Eric find his balance and control of his dream. They confront the Dread Lord at the center of his power in the Shadowfell as he is drawing power from a ceremony involving a Shadar-Kai girl. Eric and Daniver kill the girl and sever the Dread Lord’s power and ending his campaign.

What have you learned?

Eric and Daniver stand again on the ramparts, but a voice asked them if they understand the images they have seen. Eric and Daniver are then taken to a past event, the birth of Legion. Shortly after they find Legion in his crib as a demon descends on him and alters his form. His father soon gives him up to Dromin, as he can’t bear the child.

The scene shifts to Red Goblins and Meteors as Eric is brought into the events of the day. Last they witness the moment when Legion destroyed the Imp and trapping his Demonic energies inside of the crystal to alleviate his hunger.

Eric and Daniver then wake up from their spirit journey. The sleep a few more hours in actual rest and depart the next morning. They are not sure exactly about all they learned, but have a direction on where to head and where to find answers to all their questions.



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