Distant, Incomplete Memories

No one really remembers exactly how it ended

I remember that day I woke up tied to a post in the middle of what would soon become a bonfire. Eric got us into this situation by trying to force a seeminlgy faithful cult into abandoning thier “god” and spending the night getting drunk.

I allowed these fools to think they could contain me until I could tolerate them no longer. I disappeared behind one of them and attempted to obliterate his feable mind.

Z’Grool – a name flashes in my mind, from a masked human whose psyche I blasted. His mind is being crushed and he will not be able to take another blow of this strength.

In order to escape more completley, I had to cause some collateral damage to my party. Oops.

The cultists were attempting to open a portal to the abyss, however they failed and it became a portal to the elemental abyss…where Daniver returned from.

Oh my god, the wind!

I woke up in a clearing…its wet. I think we may be in the eye of the storm….or its magic…probably magic.

Shortly after waking, as we encountered a warforged who was on his way to finish off the problem of the goatmen. We joined up with him and headed to the site where the portal had been. Along the way we found several corpses, I used this opportunity to acquire a new servent for myself.

Soon, we made it back to the sire of the encounter the previous night. A small army of goatmen have gathered, together, Wolfwood, Eric, Rick Roll, The theif, and I approached, ready to unleash hell…



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