A few weeks..summarized

From Eric: So the week of gaming before the one i’m about to talk about..can’t be put up in a public place or else we would all be fired from our respective jobs……. suffice to say we ran from the town we were in of Cassius and ended up fighting an Illithid and a Lich to gain possession of his teleportation circle long enough to get the hell out of dodge. Of course I say fighting but I’d like to state it as more of a..“OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD Please let us survive long enough to run away” Eirik was lost to us as just as we activated the ritual and the last I saw of him were the Illithid’s tendrils reaching into his brain. I felt anger, I felt remorse, I felt fear, I passed out.. and I awoke.. Naked..on a beach which wouldnt’ have been so bad but I saw my party minus Eirik were still with me, and it’s never good to wake up naked with 2 other men (and a Kobold) without knowing exactly how or why you are naked. We discovered we were on a different plane on an island with no one else and not much supplies. Luckily we soon saw a ship in the distance and lit so we lit half the island on fire to signal them to us. The captain was a trusting man and let us become temporary crew mates to pay our way to an inhabited coast. Some of us were more helpful as crew mates and some of us stood on the decks each day just screaming obscenities. Oh yes Legion of The First had his left eye replaced with a Metal Rod which caused him great distress and pain, I enjoyed it as an off switch for when his rantings got too long winded. Yotsuba was helpful and enjoyed all the less then tasty foods with the same vigor he always does, and while the rest of us were stripped bare of all our possessions he had managed to hold onto his spell book, when I asked him of this he spoke of secret pocket dimensions contained within the Shadar-Kai’s body. I decided to pursue more knowledge on that would tax my mind and maybe forever ruin my mental eye. We were let off on the coast and shortly found jobs defending the local town to gain ourselves some supplies and equipment, as a small local town they did not have gold or any type of currency we could find so we traded our skills and our skills at that time were greatly needed.

From GM:
Via a very strange magical mix-up. Eric and Legion are transported back to Cassius temporarily and given a final chance to help the rebellion they started. There they met with “Freedom” who turned out to be Eric’s old ally Vixor Vola. With his help they managed to free the captured Earth Elemental and Dragon. They then were flown by the dragon to a Train that was on its way to get reinforcements to take back the city. Eric managed to single-handily defeat a Lich who was going to get the soldier and rode the train back into the city. That’s when they found out, that the Magistrate of the city were summoning a Gnomish ship to get more help. With the elemental and Vixor’s allies help they manage to crash the train into the Gnomish ship. There they depart from Vixor as he heads to the engine room and Eric and Legion head to the bridge to make sure the Gnomes can’t transport to the surface. There they are killed and get transported to their bodies that were still on Hadar’s planet.

After they wake up the next morning, they join Captain Jones’s crew once more, as they are asked to travel to an underground Dwarven City on a different continent where magic users of this world are held up. They make a short detour to see if they can find Eric’s missing companion, the Orc Eirik. When they arrive on the island, they find a small grove which contains a weak spot in the planes and allow them to transport themselves to the Feywild. On the beach where they came to this world, in the Feywild, they find Eirik. He greets them, “He told you he would make me his Thrall.”



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