A few weeks..summarized

From Eric: So the week of gaming before the one i’m about to talk about..can’t be put up in a public place or else we would all be fired from our respective jobs……. suffice to say we ran from the town we were in of Cassius and ended up fighting an Illithid and a Lich to gain possession of his teleportation circle long enough to get the hell out of dodge. Of course I say fighting but I’d like to state it as more of a..“OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD Please let us survive long enough to run away” Eirik was lost to us as just as we activated the ritual and the last I saw of him were the Illithid’s tendrils reaching into his brain. I felt anger, I felt remorse, I felt fear, I passed out.. and I awoke.. Naked..on a beach which wouldnt’ have been so bad but I saw my party minus Eirik were still with me, and it’s never good to wake up naked with 2 other men (and a Kobold) without knowing exactly how or why you are naked. We discovered we were on a different plane on an island with no one else and not much supplies. Luckily we soon saw a ship in the distance and lit so we lit half the island on fire to signal them to us. The captain was a trusting man and let us become temporary crew mates to pay our way to an inhabited coast. Some of us were more helpful as crew mates and some of us stood on the decks each day just screaming obscenities. Oh yes Legion of The First had his left eye replaced with a Metal Rod which caused him great distress and pain, I enjoyed it as an off switch for when his rantings got too long winded. Yotsuba was helpful and enjoyed all the less then tasty foods with the same vigor he always does, and while the rest of us were stripped bare of all our possessions he had managed to hold onto his spell book, when I asked him of this he spoke of secret pocket dimensions contained within the Shadar-Kai’s body. I decided to pursue more knowledge on that would tax my mind and maybe forever ruin my mental eye. We were let off on the coast and shortly found jobs defending the local town to gain ourselves some supplies and equipment, as a small local town they did not have gold or any type of currency we could find so we traded our skills and our skills at that time were greatly needed.

From GM:
Via a very strange magical mix-up. Eric and Legion are transported back to Cassius temporarily and given a final chance to help the rebellion they started. There they met with “Freedom” who turned out to be Eric’s old ally Vixor Vola. With his help they managed to free the captured Earth Elemental and Dragon. They then were flown by the dragon to a Train that was on its way to get reinforcements to take back the city. Eric managed to single-handily defeat a Lich who was going to get the soldier and rode the train back into the city. That’s when they found out, that the Magistrate of the city were summoning a Gnomish ship to get more help. With the elemental and Vixor’s allies help they manage to crash the train into the Gnomish ship. There they depart from Vixor as he heads to the engine room and Eric and Legion head to the bridge to make sure the Gnomes can’t transport to the surface. There they are killed and get transported to their bodies that were still on Hadar’s planet.

After they wake up the next morning, they join Captain Jones’s crew once more, as they are asked to travel to an underground Dwarven City on a different continent where magic users of this world are held up. They make a short detour to see if they can find Eric’s missing companion, the Orc Eirik. When they arrive on the island, they find a small grove which contains a weak spot in the planes and allow them to transport themselves to the Feywild. On the beach where they came to this world, in the Feywild, they find Eirik. He greets them, “He told you he would make me his Thrall.”

Cassius Adventures
  • Room Search
  • Free Breakfast
  • Magistrate
  • Succubi Dates
  • Halfling Lich
  • Dragon Egg
  • Elemental
  • Dead Gnomes
  • Star Temple
  • Heist Info Collected
  • Thieves Guild
  • Illithid
It started with a dream, and brought us to a nightmare
Past lives, dreamscape, travel

The dreams started like all my other dreams, I was living out a representation of my god…then I felt something cutting into me, I screamed, it was a language I didn’t understand, I looked down to see a halfling wizard playfully cutting out what I thought to be my organs, I screamed louder. I tried to get out, I was trapped, I tried to wake up I couldn’t, I watched it happen again and again as they would heal me up and then cut into me again, and as my mind slowly started to break, I woke up.

I was scared, I was confused I ran to D4PO hoping I could recollect most of what I heard in the dream that I was screaming hoping it would be a hint to why I had such a nightmare, I found him and he was significantly lighter and seemingly happy, but missing his right arm. I told him what I remembered and he translated it into screams for release, screams for my god, and screams for someone maternal. I trudged away realizing how weak I was in my dream and went in search of my friend who was more knowledgeable in, freaky deaky stuff as I would label the night. In my adrenaline fed morning I kicked down the door to the house and saw Legion of The First with the same upset look on his face I always see him with, I wonder to myself why he gets so angry all the time, but a question for another day I say as I swig my morning ale and explain to him about the dream and I try to change it up, saying my screams were something more sophisticated more brave but I had forgotten Legions’ skill with the lesser known languages and he saw through my bluff. He quickly explained to me after consulting with Sarlos that I was an elemental in my dream and it was obviously a wizards school I was stuck inside and there was a good chance I was being harvested for the rare minerals that would be trapped within my body. We decided to take a farther look into the dream world and sent a pigeon out to Tariel for some help, as we meandered about town we found Yotsuba with a heavy bounty of fruits and veggies, I wish to question him on it but knowing his…unique taste and habits, I happily accept a fruit and explain to him the situation and ask him to join us on a noble quest through the dreamscape. His reluctance to go is apparent but as he looks about town and realizes the only other good thing to do would be to watch dwarves build or kobolds dig, he quickly jumped aboard. I was wondering how long it would take for Tariel to arrive but a sharp burning sensation in my back as I was pushed to the ground and my face being almost licked off by a reptilian tongue told me Ariel was saying hello, and the Tariel couldn’t be far behind. With his arrival preparations were made and we all partook of Tariels’ special brand of magic and smoke and fell into a trance that would bring us to, hopefully, a higher level of understanding…to be continued. i have work

Distant, Incomplete Memories
No one really remembers exactly how it ended

I remember that day I woke up tied to a post in the middle of what would soon become a bonfire. Eric got us into this situation by trying to force a seeminlgy faithful cult into abandoning thier “god” and spending the night getting drunk.

I allowed these fools to think they could contain me until I could tolerate them no longer. I disappeared behind one of them and attempted to obliterate his feable mind.

Z’Grool – a name flashes in my mind, from a masked human whose psyche I blasted. His mind is being crushed and he will not be able to take another blow of this strength.

In order to escape more completley, I had to cause some collateral damage to my party. Oops.

The cultists were attempting to open a portal to the abyss, however they failed and it became a portal to the elemental abyss…where Daniver returned from.

Oh my god, the wind!

I woke up in a clearing…its wet. I think we may be in the eye of the storm….or its magic…probably magic.

Shortly after waking, as we encountered a warforged who was on his way to finish off the problem of the goatmen. We joined up with him and headed to the site where the portal had been. Along the way we found several corpses, I used this opportunity to acquire a new servent for myself.

Soon, we made it back to the sire of the encounter the previous night. A small army of goatmen have gathered, together, Wolfwood, Eric, Rick Roll, The theif, and I approached, ready to unleash hell…

Into the Feywild

The party wakes up in the fort during a heat wave. Each of them starts their daily tasks. Ferris runs off in the morning and finds a series of tracks just outside the fort. The group get together and follow them to a tremendous Gnoll warrior in the woods south of the Fort. The fight doesn’t last long as the party quickly dispatches the beast, but the encounter was a ruse. They find themselves transported into the Feywild.

Daniver gets a Chicken, can’t remember why that happened, Yotsuba makes it bigger and Thrasher rides it. Horror of the feywild and other things. Can’t seem to put them in a coherent order, so I’ll rewrite this later.

- Killed Large Gnoll
- Blood Berries
- Demolished Orc Village Allies of Erich’s Clan
- Airship destroyed Village
- Hardcore Gnome
- Gnome “Away” Team fights party, party flees
- Run for a couple of hours (Wizard is the fastest)
- Camp for a night in Wolf controlled area with no problems
- Legion looks at the stars and the stars look back
- Rabbit Hat
- Snow
- Encounter a Nymph but don’t attack it
- Travel through forest takes toll
- Encounter Eladrin in forest
- Blindfolded and led to Eladrin City
- Eladrin tell about the sunken city of Gnomregon
- Eladrin tell about Schmoo
- Legion wants to kill Gnomes and steal airship to destroy Schmoo, voted down.
- Party are gated out of the Feywild and given a Pidgeon for communication
- Party end up on the island where Eric fought the Dreadlord 250 years ago
- They find a Dingy to row back to the fort
- Warwing Drake finds them and helps them ashore (with another ritual)
- 3 Weeks Past confirming for Yotsuba that the Feywild is evil

Dreams and Immortals

Eric gets SPAM and Wolfwood heads to the north to where the squirrel instructed. They encounter a group of Gnolls and 2 Young Orcs. Further north they are greeted by the Velociraptor (Ariel) and end up introduced with Tarreal, the Immortal.

Tarreal takes Eric and Wolfwood on a spirit journey through their Dreamscapes and the following happens…

Eric’s Past Life

First Eric and Wolfwood return to Eric’s past life. Eric journeys through the same memories he recalled when first meeting the Deva. He journeys to the location of the Dread Lord and a battle ensues where he perishes. Daniver takes the part of a Dragonborn commander. He flies his wing against the Dread Lord as a distraction as Eric’s party go to “cut out the heart of the army”. Eric falls in the battle and Daniver witnesses’ the brief aftermath discovers the final resting place of Eric McJerrick and more importantly his enchanted Mug.

Daniver’s Dream

Next they shift perspective. Its a cold night in the dark city…Its raining here, the sky is as black as the stain on my soul, the only comfort is the bottle of Whiskey at my side. It turn and watch as she approaches, an Orc to the south. She is part Amazon, part She-Hulk a battle hardened lady who has just entered my life.

She walks up to my as I am on my post, “Wolfwood” she calls. She pulls out a cigarette and asks for a light. I gently blow flame from my lips and light it.

I turn, “Who’s asking?”.

“I have a job for you down south, there is an Orc clan I need you to deal with.”

With that I go off and learn of this clan, I grab my gear and put on the Rain Coat and head off into the night. I find Eric in the gutter. That cold ale has claimed another honorable man and changed him into a beggar. I pull him up because he my be useful this evening. We confront the Orcish settlement. The lines are divided evenly, one on the left and one on the right. The right was the broad that hired me, so I turned left, but was stopped by 4 Gnolls. They stand there in the rain in their Armonie suits blocking my entrance. One of them steps up to me, but I quickly drop them, thats when I heard the click of the Tommy Gun aimed at me, Lady Luck had saved me this night.


Eric, Erich, and Daniver stand in the middle of a Gladiator arena with thousands of screaming fans. They are armed with only a Spear as 4 hungry Lions leap out to attack them. They manage to skewer 2 before the Emperor, a battle hardened Orc puts his thumb down. Daniver insults the Emperor and hundreds of Legionnaires descend and quickly silen the group.

Descending Armies

Eric and Daniver stand in the center of a barren battlefield as 2 armies drive against each other. On the North is the Dragonborn Empires standing armie, and to the South is the Dread Lords undead horde. They meet in the center at Drollin’s Fort. Daniver sprouts wings as Eric find his balance and control of his dream. They confront the Dread Lord at the center of his power in the Shadowfell as he is drawing power from a ceremony involving a Shadar-Kai girl. Eric and Daniver kill the girl and sever the Dread Lord’s power and ending his campaign.

What have you learned?

Eric and Daniver stand again on the ramparts, but a voice asked them if they understand the images they have seen. Eric and Daniver are then taken to a past event, the birth of Legion. Shortly after they find Legion in his crib as a demon descends on him and alters his form. His father soon gives him up to Dromin, as he can’t bear the child.

The scene shifts to Red Goblins and Meteors as Eric is brought into the events of the day. Last they witness the moment when Legion destroyed the Imp and trapping his Demonic energies inside of the crystal to alleviate his hunger.

Eric and Daniver then wake up from their spirit journey. The sleep a few more hours in actual rest and depart the next morning. They are not sure exactly about all they learned, but have a direction on where to head and where to find answers to all their questions.

Towers and Moats

Eric wants a Moat and Yotsuba wants a Tower. They find a drake who is adopted by a Kobold. Yotsuba must decide on Dwarven Construction or Kobold Construction.

Revelation begins on Eric’s past lives.

I got a Fort

Party Sets up Defense of a Fort and rebuilds it.

Schmoo vs. Party

Round 1:
Party vs. Guards
Victor, Party, guards did light signal fire though.

Round 2:
Party vs. Dragon:
Victor, Party, set Dragon free.

Round 3:
Party vs. Summons:
Victor, Party, stopped summoning.

Round 4:
Party vs. Schmoo:
Draw. Most of Schmoo’s force was eliminated, but the party was devastated.

Mithril and Child Slaying
I am not kidding.

Wind’s revenge, Red Goblin’s revenge, Schmoo’s revenge, and someone backstabbing a 4 year old for a puppy.


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