This picks up directly after the events of Cassius, with the party transported to an Island on a planet near the dying star Hadar.

Previous Adventures:


The first series of adventures in an ongoing 4th Edition D&D game. Follows the party as they investigate the recent rise of Goblin attacks.

This adventure culminated with the party fighting the Goblin leader “Schmoo”. The fight ended in mostly a draw. The party was unable to defeat “Schmoo” but eliminated most of his forces and forced a withdraw.


Started after the Goblin attacks left off and outlined several invasions to the world, some new and some old.

Soon after the events of Possession the party returned to the Dwarven City to lick their wounds and get back to business as usual, when Eric is given a Fort to command on the border of the Orc’s lands. There they find new allies and enemies and come face to face with the evil and powerful Gnomes.

Brief Interlude in the City of Cassius

A few adventures that brought the party to their greatest challenge, the evil City of Cassius. Here they had to find out who they can trust and who they can fight as they try and get their hands on an artifact of Soniver, free a captured elemental and dragon, and uncover the secrets of a Far Realm temple in the city.

The adventure ended with the party running from the city after they attempted to start a rebellion.


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